Acolytes - Super Digital Team



Acolytes is a European Agency specialized in digital production. We do Websites, applications and more generaly transmedia operations .

With 10 years experience in internet production by distance, we offer you the opportunity to use our team to handle your digital production. In addition, we also propose to you to set up, manage, and host your own team of web developers in Sofia (Bulgaria).


  • Strategic recommendations
  • Ergonomics
  • Design HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Flash Development
  • Video & Animation Production
  • Illustration 2D & 3D Modelisation


    • LDH1

      Luxury Dream Hotels

      Luxury Hotels

      Specialised on promoting and booking very luxury hotels, the Luxury Dream Hotels has choosen Acolytes to create and develop their web strategy. We have worked on their website. We integrate their booking tools and we organised and manage properly the big HD video database and its related player.

    • Plinkers1


      2nd Screen Marketing

      Plinkers proposes Videosync(ed) Marketing Solutions for TV and 2sd Screen. Interactive TV Ads, TV Games, Social TV, Product Linking and other TV Shows enrichment are their jobs

      Acolytes created for them there graphics (Guidelines, Logotype, Iconography etc.) and develops their websites or applications.

    • Dormeuil 1


      Site Business to Business

      Acolytes worked for the famous french brand of luxuous textils “Dormeuil”. We worked on the creation of a B to B website targeting its retailers network for their “taylor made” range. One of the biggest challenges was to succeed with getting the tailors able to look and feel the quality of the fabrics sold by the company.

    • 5 Mondes 2

      5 Mondes

      Worldwide Corporate Website

      For the cosmetic brand “5 mondes”, the idea was to positionate into the digital world to align it with the real quality of the product. So we focued on the “naturality” of the ingredients and the ancestral origins of the recipe made with medical process.

    • Lalique2


      Worldwide Corporate Website

      Acolytes produced the worldwide corporate website for Lalique company. The french team of the agency has managed for several years the whole worldwide interactive strategy for the French “cristallerie de Luxe”.

    • Aigle-homepage


      Worldwide Corporate Website

      Acolytes has managed several years the whole Aigle company’s interactive strategy. In our different work we created and developed its worldwide corporate website (Full Flash)

    • Lee-Cooper Morrisrocks


      Morrisrocks special operation

      Acolytes created, designed and developed the website for a Lee Cooper Special Event managed by communication agency “Rosbeef”. The whole website was (full flash)

    • BB Hotel

      B&B Hotel

      Site Corporate

      For B&B Hotel, the goal was been to bring many useful and daily services to its regular mobile customers as well as expressing the upper quality of the rooms.

    • CocoPops

      Coco Pops

      Brand Website

      Acolytes has managed the interactive strategy of the brand Choco Pops then became Coco Pops. As on Frosties, we created and managed several website for the famous Kellogg’s brand and many special operations and sweepstake under licences.

    • kelloggs 100 ans


      Special Event Website

      After 5 years of tight collaboration, the Kellogg’s Company estimate that Acolytes had the best culture of the of the brand and ask us to make their special event website dedicated to celebrate the 100 years of the brand.

    • MielPops

      Miel Pops

      Special Operation Website

      Expert in interactive strategies targeting “tweens”, Acolytes produced for the Kellogg’s company the coaching website “Sing & Dance with the Miel Pops’ Bees”

    • Frosties-home


      Brand Website

      Acolytes has managed the Frosties’ interactive strategy for 8 years. While this long collaboration with the Kellogg’s brand, Acolytes has created several website including that last one full flash. We also produced almost every monthes speciale operations and digital sweepstakes under licences like Warner, Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Lucas Films, French sport feredations etc.

    • Heelys


      Brand Website (Tweens)

      Acolytes created, designed and developed this website dedicated to the new killer shoes for tweens called “Heelys”. Ho my god, with those shoes you can walk but also roll ! That’s so fun

      The work started from scratch with no graphical guidelines but a few pictures and videos. We tried to make it “swag” but respecting the commitments related to the age of the target…

    • la vache qui rit home

      La Vache Qui Rit

      Brand Website

      While its collaboration with Bel Group, Acolytes has made the website for the special operation for “La Vache Qui Rit” in collaboration with Dargaud due to the licence “Lucky Luke”. Made Full Flash that platform game gets us to redesign all the illustration we had to use for the game animation.

    • Pika Home

      Pika editions

      Site Corporate

      Acolytes worked on the corporate strategy of Pika (Manga edition). We more specificaly thought about the way to get the satelite website back inside a single corporate website. The big part of the job has been on finding a new design and ergonomy for the website…